Students wishing to do photocopy will have to purchase photocopy credit at either the main cashier or the continuing education office. In accordance with the Jamcopy License, certain restrictions will apply on what can be copied. For more information see the Jamcopy leaflet or speak to the librarian. The library does not accept cash for this or any other services. There is a 20 minutes waiting period for some photocopy requests.

Printing & Scanning

Printing privileges is attached to the username of each student. Again you are asked to pay for this service at the cashier. Scanning can be accessed from station #8 at the library cyber café, free of charge. Printing is as follows:

Black & white      $10.00 per page

Coloured                $15.00 per page


Laminating and Binding

Laminating      Letter size – $70.00                  Binding    10-20 sheets            $120.00

Laminating      Legal Size   – $90.00               Binding     21 – 40 sheets         $170.00

41 and more            $230.00