Montego Bay College library system serves the students, faculty and staff of the College community through two campus libraries and a wide range of online resources. Housing an up-to-date collection of approximately 10,000 books, several print periodical subscriptions and four major online databases, the library system provides the necessary research material for students to successfully complete their class assignments.

The Library, through its resources, facility and staff, is dedicated to providing open access to information and to offering the services and tools with which to locate and interpret that information. As patron needs and information technologies continue to evolve so, too, will the means with which the Library attempts to fulfill its role within the college community. This manual, therefore, will be revised on an as-needed basis in order to reflect the necessary changes.

Library Mission Statement

The Mission of the Library is to achieve excellence in the provision of information in order to promote the highest levels of learning, teaching and research, and to provide quality service that will enable users to locate, retrieve and use information not only for academic purposes but also for life experiences in keeping with the mission and objectives of the college.

Library Vision Statement

The library seeks to be the “heart” of the academic and research culture of all Montego Bay Community College activities.